Aspect Arts Indepenent Art and Music


Aspect Arts is an independently run online music and art label.

Everything here is at this time free to download, run for and by the artists. You may download or stream individual songs; we are not however operating streaming players to encourage folks to download and listen to the archives as the albums were originally conceived: complete conceptual thoughts. However we don't like to limit options in terms of sampling a particular piece or due to slow technology, so have left individual tracks available. Your best bet is to right click and download directly to your drive.



In between an independent label for art and music, a co-op and a personal site at which folks may access material to download. All content that appears on Aspect Arts will remain free as long as possible.




What Is With the Donation Button?

Next to each downloadable content, you will see a button that says "Donate". Think of it as sitting in a bar and buying a musician, storyteller, artist a drink. If you like their work. For many artists it is their primary occupation which often yields only a little bit of income. This allows you to say thanks to an artist and help them afford to continue to make good work that you can enjoy.

The donation is handled 100% securely through Paypal. No one at this site ever sees your payment information. You can use a credit card, debit card or bank account number to donate. Even small amounts are greatly appreciated.

However even if you can not make a donation - help the artists here by spreading word about this site, and their work. That is often the most helpful thing you can do.

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