Aspect Arts Indepenent Art and Music

Who are you?

Aspect Arts is run by John Harford. He has been doing art and performance a long time. And has had this site in mind for quite a while.


What Is This "free" Stuff?

All this "free" stuff cost someone a lot of time and often material to create. Or at least the sacrifice of time and material comforts for the sake of Art. Art for art sake is lovely. If you have an inheritance coming to you. Yet at the same time good music does no one any good if sitting on a hard drive unlistened to. So it is better to have it out and if people are able to and feel generous, help support with a donation of their choosing.


Are You Making A Lot of Money On This Site?

No. It is more about people finding this work and enjoying it. Any "tips" on it are a big and appreciated bonus.


Is this a nonprofit organization or a corporation?

Neither... It is an independent collective trying to support their work in the arts. Think of it as an online cooperative gallery/art/performance space.


Can I become an Aspect Artist?

Absolutely. Use the contact button at the bottom of the page or email: info(at) We can talk about your work appearing here! With your own donation button.


Can I link to you, put you on my Facebook?

Yes - the best thing you can do to help the arts in general is promote it in every way possible. I do not yet have a links section for this site but intend to get one going at some point soon.


Are originals (prints, CDS, etc...) available from the artists here? Can I contact them about custom work, commissions, shows, exhibits.

Absolutely. Please do. If you need to contact someone about a commission, show, exhibit or anything else and can't find their info - use the Info@ link.


Why is this design so lame?

Because I'm too busy making the art and music. At some point it will be entirely revamped and spectacular to behold. But probably not unless it becomes very popular.

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