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Terra Serpentis is John Harford's medieval/neo-medieval music project. It began as a solo work combining esthetic and technique of his abstract compositions with ancient instruments. It is now an ever evolving band that stages shows in the European neo-medieval style. The first demo recordings are now available here to freely download.

Go to the band website for additional songs, video news on live shows, writings about medieval music, and updates on a more complete and professionally produced release sometime in 2010.

Each individual track is between 1 and 3 MB. The entire archive is 7 MB.

Terra Serpentis

Terra Serpentis Demo


1. The Garden of Set
2. Palastinalied (Traditional)
3. The Palestine Song

Complete Archive

Demo Tracks 1-3

All material © John R. Harford/Terra Serpentis 2010

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